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Each form or document comes with a video providing a description of how to use the form or document.

If you have problems importing the forms and documents into your Xactimate, we provide online assistance.

The use of form or document will save you many hours of key-strokes.

By using the forms and documents over and over in a complete claim package to the carrier you have saved time and time is more money.

Therefore, you as an flood claims adjuster must know the difference between price and cost. The price will be less than all the cost that you incur with all your time

Xactimate Token

Forms & Documents

While attending a NFIP Flood Boot Camp, we train you how to create token forms and documents. It can take years of continuous work to develop inventory of token forms and documents that will allow you to navigate the estimate quickly. This is where adjusters can make or lose time and money.

These forms and documents have been developed over years of writing flood estimates and have been proven true by file examiners and NFIP.

As an claims adjuster, there is a fiduciary responsibility to indemnify the policyholder for no more and no less than want is owed. By using proven forms and documents helps to deliver Excellence in Claims Experience.

We offer a combo package of token forms and documents that will save you time and allow you to make more money

Token Combo Pack:

Appliance Worksheet
Content Worksheet
Food Loss Worksheet
Property Move To Safety Worksheet
PH Labor to Mitigate Worksheet
PH Labor for Flood Clean Up Worksheet
PH Labor to Protect Building Worksheet
Detail Scope Checklist Worksheet
Interior Sketch Pad
Exterior Sketch Pad
Advance Payment Request
PH Prior Repair Statement
Non-Waiver Form
PH Flood Questionnaire Form
Final Narrative with Drop-down Text
Request For Expert Form
Underwriting Alert Form
Status of Inspection Form - Cannot inspect within 48-hours.
Status Report Form
Steps to Working a Flood Claim Checklist
NFIP Stack Order Checklist
First Test Massage to PH
Teamwork Letter to PH - Setting Expectations