Xactimate Specialized Flood Training

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XactimateⓇ Specialized Flood Training

Three-Day XactimateⓇ Training that specializes in flood estimate writing that is professional, high quality,energetic and comes with scripts that will help you be a Top Performer that will lead to greater income.

While flood adjusting requires Specialized Knowledge as stated in the NFIP Claims Manual, working with the estimating platform also requires advanced knowledge and training.

While every carrier has their special instructions and best practices so does NFIP!  The failure to complete the estimate and built-in reports correct will cost you time and income.  XactimateⓇ is a complicated program to operate being a new user and the desire to become an accomplished flood adjuster, the process will not be any easier.

While you may or may not have a lot of experience, flood adjustments requires more than an XactimateⓇ estimate, but many different functions within the platform.  Here are snippets of samples that are covered during a three-day class:

  • Printed “step-by-step” guide handout
  • Knowing the difference between an assignment and a project
  • Setting-up carrier preferences
  • How to complete an Insured-To-Value (ITV)
  • Know how many sketches are required on a flood loss
  • How to use “template” rooms with line items verses building room by room with line items
  • Writing the estimate and applying the depreciation
  • Which forms and reports to use to complete the adjustment
  • How to assemble the “Completed Claim Package” (CCP) required by NFIP
  • And many more items.
  • 22-hours of CE Credits for Texas and Indiana

Boot Camp Discounts

  • While we teach you how to create token documents, estimate macros and templates, attendees can purchase these proven items at a huge discount.
  • These items are offered as an a la carte.
  • Available at the time of purchasing a Boot Camp, or
  • While attending the Boot Camp.

When signing up for the three-days, all you have to show up with your laptop computer loaded and operating correctly with Xactimate 28 version or X1, printer, powerstrip and notepad. 

An external hand-held mouse works much better and is recommended.  XactimateⓇ is not compatible with Apple Laptops.  You must have Windows Operating System.  Xactimate and other Xactware products are not supported on Mac Operating Systems.

Click here to obtain XactimateⓇ requirements.

Please note, there will be no time allowed to configure or resolve computer issues you may have with the program.

Here is the BEST thing about our training, “Money Back Guarantee”!  If you do not receive a 100% return on you investment into your career after ten claims I personally will return the difference less lodging and meals.

Classes start each day at 8:00 AM and last until material is covered.  The third-day ends around 2:00 PM.