Attendees Love the 5 Day NFIP Flood Boot Camp

Andy N – Attendee

Overall it’s a great course and it crams a lot of Bob’s experience and a lot of information into those 5 days, which are very beneficial, well worth the price.

Mark K – Attendee

Well worth the investment, and if I would’ve known what I know now, I would’ve paid more than this to come.

Ryan M

It was worth every dime. I loved it, I learned a ton…it bar none is better than any class out there…No course compares to this course. It’s way more detailed.

Kyle B. – Attendee

The tools that you supply…cuts time down to a quarter of what it would if you had to do the search yourself.

Caleb M. – Attendee

This is a well taught course and I learned a lot. The training did exceed my expectations…I feel pretty confident that I can write up a flood claim.

Bret R. – Attendee

No other courses went hands on, in depth of how the process works, how to do each file…it was great, very involved, but very in depth too.

Cory M. – Attendee

I learned more than I thought I'd ever learn in 5 days. I feel very comfortable walking into a big loss now with water…and know what to do now.

Jeff H. – Attendee

It definitely exceeded my expectations, it’s the best training I think I’ve had in any training for my adjusting career.

James C. – Attendee

I’m really excited moving forward…because if you’re not prepared in flood…you’ve prepared to fail…I feel this course prepares you to succeed.

James D. – Attendee

By far the most extensive insurance adjusting course I’ve ever seen or been too and I couldn’t be happier.

Chuck C. – Attendee

A lot of things have already been put in place so your efficiency level is raised, so you have an opportunity to make more money, to be more effective, so with that you’re going to be spending less time with each adjustment that you make.

Kenneth M. – Attendee

The course was excellent…Bob kept it very interesting, he had some great people that spoke there and I really enjoyed it. I learned more in Xactimate in the 5 days I was in there than I did in over a year of using it.

Reed W. – Attendee

Most of my training in the past…it’s pretty bland usually…it’s just the basic stuff which I already know. This is way above that, this is more of a system, how to systemize your day and keep things organized and actually produce results, not just get the same information you get online.

Rubio C. – Attendee

I am well prepared to go out there and do a claim after taking the course. Bob is an awesome instructor and he is an awesome person to learn from, he is very knowledgable.

Mark K. – Attendee

It’s got to be the most in depth…in just how thorough he is…Bob takes you out in the field, he gets more interaction, and it’s more hands on, I think that leads to learning more and being able to apply that into the field right away with the closing of claims

Tim K. – Attendee

Now I believe from this day on, I’ve got the knowledge to handle a flood claim from start to finish and if I don’t have the answers I’ve got the resources to go back and get those answers.

Steve G. – Attendee

If I had to do this on my own, I would probably spend months to figure out what I learned in 5 days at this Boot Camp…there’s nothing remotely close.

Shane W. – Attendee

It was an investment well made…when you walk away from this course you have all of the tools and…a forever resource of needed questions that come up.

Rob G. – Attendee

A lot of information in a short amount of time but altogether well worth the money…expectations were all met, course materials were great, instructor very knowledgeable, altogether thumbs up.

Luke B. – Attendee

For what you pay to come to this class I would much rather leave feeling…overwhelmed than underwhelmed, so I was really glad about that...there was enough value in the course, that walking away I feel like I have what I need to do this.

Randy W. – Attendee

You have a program that is bulletproof in terms of preparing people to go out and get to work and be effective at handling flood claims.

Sheila S. – Attendee

It was awesome to attend a course where we actually got to go out and use what we learned hands on and ask questions in the field.