Waterline Marker™

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Waterline Marker™



Improve your professionalism by using a water resistant Waterline Marker™ designed by the NFIP Flood Boot Camp™ specially for flood adjusters.

A heavy plastic laminated will stand up in water for more than 24-hours. Attached it to a carpenters measuring stick with a squeeze clip allow you to get an overview photo of the waterline mark and then a close up photo.

With a “dry erase” marker it will allow you to identify the exterior and interior waterline marks while providing the policyholder’s name, claim number, date-of-loss and the date-of-inspection.

Easy to move up and down adjusting for different waterlines throughout the loss. It will allow you to get those “0” inch watermarks.

Reusable and will last the entire deployment.

No more clothes pens, ink pens or someone pointing at a guess line. The design allows you to complete this step without any help.

Most important, you will have the loss identified through the entire inspection process. And for that difficult policyholder, you just hand them the measuring stick and have them mark thee water line.

Your claims manager, file reviewer and desk adjuster with appreciate the fact that you are a professional flood adjuster.

Take advantage and order the complete Waterline Marker™ Kit for additional $25.00.

Three heavy laminated Waterline Markers™,
Two dry erase markers,
One 6′-carpenter’s ruler.

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Additional information
Weight1 oz
Dimensions4 × 0.5 × 2.5 in

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