Important Emails to PH

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Important Emails to PH



Most policyholders have an email address today, if they do not then it is important to ask for a relative or close friend who can help by receiving important information you need to send them.

There are three email that have proven to be helpful with setting expectations with the policyholder:

First email is packed with all the information required by FEMA to the policyholder.  If you have attended the Five-Day NFIP Flood Boot Camp, you get to add the token forms and documents that helps to expedite the claim.

Second email is use for many things but most important is to keep the policyholder informed during the claims process.

Third email is the settlement; it includes the estimate, proof of loss and final report.  Informing the policyholder what to sign and return.

The importance of these emails is to protect you as the flood adjuster.

Send these emails to the policyholder will help you set expectations and expedite the claims. Allowing you to document the file providing information to the adjusting firm and carrier that you are staying in contact with the policyholder. This is where adjusters will make or lose time and money!

The most important thing you as an adjuster want to provide is Excellence in Claims Experience.