NFIP Policy and Manuals (Save $28)

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NFIP Policy and Manuals (Save $28)


The Standard Flood Insurance Program (SFIP) is based upon the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968 passed by Congress. The Act is Federal Law and is not subject to States Statutes. With the passing of the law it brought forth the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) with changes along the way. Those changes included the the program coming under the operation of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

There is much to know as a flood adjuster. Within that much to know, often there are a lot of things left out or not thought in flood training courses.

The flood adjuster is required by the NFIP to have “Specialized Knowledge”! That specialized knowledge is not found in any one book, but a combination of all the NFIP documents.

Here are the requirements of a flood adjuster:

1. Must have the knowledge of an attorney,
2. Skills of an engineer,
3. Dual entry mind of an account,
4. Interpret the policy like an “agent”,
5. Be a circus juggler,
6. Drive like “Funny Car” owner John Force,
7. Be precise as an NFL Quarterback,
8. Take photos like Ansel Adams
9. Understand the five stages of grief,
10. Master negotiator,
11. Know how to sell like Zig Ziglar.

While not all of these skills can be found in the policy and manuals of the NFIP , every flood adjuster should have them.

Having the link for them on your computer is great, but there is nothing like a hard copy in your hand. This is where you can place notes and memos of what to do in certain situations.

You can print them at home and waste time, paper and ink or you can order them from Five-Day NFIP Flood Book Camp™:

Policy Forms
NFIP Insurance Manual
NFIP Claims Manual

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