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Flood Adjuster Pencil Sharpener™

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Flood Adjuster Pencil Sharpener™

Flood Adjuster Pencil Sharpener™ is an excellent way of keeping your skills sharp between major catastrophic events or just to make you keep your fingers on the keyboard.  

The biggest cause of losing money and killing time as a flood adjuster or any insurance adjuster is when working claims or writing estimates you do not stay sharp.  The reacclimating your muscle memory and ability to recall XactimateⓇ, SimsolⓇ  or Symbility estimating code when deployed is a huge hendrence.  It could cause early release from a deployment resulting in the loss of making money as an insurance adjuster.

The BASIC Flood Adjuster Pencil Sharpener™ is a membership subscription and comes with these benefits:

  • Every quarter (3-months) you will receive a case study related to a flood loss.
  • The assignment with complete details.
  • The case study includes a narrative of the “cause of loss”.
  • A sketch that will be the basis of the adjustment.
  • Photos to use for documentation.
  • Review of the Preliminary Report with returned coaching comments.
  • Review of the Completed Claim Package (this is what you will submit to the company you are working for) with a returned coaching comments.

This is a self-paced practice with no demands placed upon you.  It is recommended that once you start the assignment that you work on it as a deployment.

When submitting your Preliminary Report and Complete Claim Package, just remember we evaluate them based upon the volume and placement they are returned.

This is an excellent training adjusters can use on their resumes’ to inform the company you want to work for, you are staying up-to-date and ready for deployment.

Take action NOW, so you will be ready to accept that long awaited deployment by clicking here for your subscription to the The BASIC Flood Adjuster Pencil Sharpener™.