Money Back Guarantee

No other company offers this:

Money Back Guarantee on you investment into you career by completing the following:

1. You must enroll in one of the NFIP FLood Boot Camp(s); In Person or Online.

2. Course(s) must be paid-in-full.

3. You must complete all the course assignments at an 80% satisfaction:
 a. Preliminary Report - 100%
 b. Advanced Payment Report.
 c. Underwriting Alert.
 d. Complete Claims Package.
 e. Receive a Certified of a “Certified NFIP Flood Adjuster”

4. You must complete 10 NFIP Flood Claims; one or multi companies:
 a. You must accept a deployment; Daily or CAT
 b. You must provide the company you worked for regardless of how many claims you work.
 c. You must provide a copy of your billing invoice and percentage of commissions.
 d. You must grant us authorization to verify the number of claims and the dollar amount with the company worked for.

5. If your 10 invoices do not exceed the total amount of the course you enrolled in, I will refund you the difference between what you made and the cost of the course.
Example: If your 10 invoices added up to $3000 and you paid $4997 for the Course, you will be refunded $1997.

6. You must submit your request as follows:
 a. Email to
 b. In the subject line: REFUND FOR TRAINING COURSE.
 c. In the body of the email:
  i. Total dollar amount of 10 invoices, minus the price paid for the course and the amount of refund requested.
  ii. Date that you enrolled in the course.
  iii. Copy of the invoice. d. Attach in a stacked PDF all your 10 or more invoices.

7. Payment will be made within 30 days of receipt of your request for a refund.