In-Person Five-Day NFIP Flood Boot Camp

In - Person Boot Camp $999.00

In-Person Five-Day

NFIP Flood Boot Camp™



This course is designed to provide two days of class room overview of the NFIP requirements, one day of field study practices, and two days of estimate writing to enhance the adjuster to become proficient at completing a flood claim and submitting Proof of Loss for the insured.

An NFIP flood claim is commonly known as the Complete Claim Package.

Here are snippets of samples that are covered during the “BOOT CAMP”:

  • Day One is “BEYOND” the NFIP Adjuster Claims Presentation Workshop
  • Day Two is in depth review of Dwelling Form, Highlights of the General Property Form and Preliminary Report requirements
  • Day Three is real “boots-on-the-ground” inspection of two or three structures; simulated or actual flood
  • Day Four is creating XactimateⓇ token forms, macros and estimating writing
  • Day Five is assimilating the information into a Complete Claims Package

Requirements to receive the designation of “Certified Flood Adjuster” by the NFIP Five-Day Flood Boot Camp™:

  •  Submit a Preliminary Reports of the inspected properties
  • Submit an  Advance Payment Request for the inspected properties
  • Submit an Underwriting Request from the inspected properties
  • Submit one estimate from the inspected properties
  • Submit one Complete Claim Package from the inspected properties

Additional items you receive by attending the In-Person NFIP Five-Day Flood Boot Camp™:

  • WebLinks SFIP Forms
  • WebLinks NFIP Claims Manual
  • “Steps to Working an NFIP Flood Loss™”
  • Access to the ONLINE Videos
  • Unlimited access as alumni to future Boot Camps
  • 24-CE Credits for Texas or Indiana after completing all the assignments

What attendees must bring to the Boot Camp:

  • A positive and willingness to learn attitude
  • Prior XactimateⓇ knowledge - Level 1
  • Working or trial version of XactimateⓇ 28 or X1; make sure you do not bring computer issues.  There is no time to resolve your problems.   Click here to obtain XactimateⓇ requirements.
  • Your own Laptop, Printer & Paper
  • Field Tools: Camera, Electronic Measure, 30’ Tape, Optional Roll Tape, Plumber Stick Tape 

Boot Camp Discounts & FREE Flood Changes Lives Video

  • While we teach you how to create token documents, estimate macros and templates, attendees can purchase these proven items at a huge discount.
  • These items are offered as an a la carte.
  • Available at the time of purchasing a Boot Camp, or
  • While attending the Boot Camp.

Boot Camp Schedule:

  • This is a BOOT CAMP! Long Days!
  • Starts Daily at 8:00 AM
  • Ending time depends upon subject matter
  • Last day ending time is around 2:00 PM


This Boot Camp is about learning and you will spend a lot of time in a classroom setting, therefore dress comfortably but not offence to others.  On inspection day you are required to dress business casual; khakis and a collared shirt.