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Xactimate Training

Different adjuster schools are offering a three-day Xactimate training course for the people in the USA. The Xactimate training course will help you to prepare and get certified in the Xactimate level certification course. The course mainly focuses on the tools and knowledge that you need to become proficient with Xactimate X1 and more importantly pass the level 1 certification course. The course is usually taught by the professionals who are all experts in the Xactimate software. You can avail of the training course from the online training centers in the USA. Let’s see how to get Xactimate training in the USA.

Topics covered in Xactimate training

Before you are going to enroll your name in Xactimate training, you should know about the topics that are covered in the training course. The following are the topics that are covered in the Xactimate training course.

  • Setting up preferences
  • Creating new estimates
  • Setting up groups/building a tree
  • Data entry and trade category codes
  • Sketch room and sketch roofs

Xactimate training course is a must for all property claim adjusters, contractors, and estimators. So make use of Xactimate training and become successful claims adjusters.

Steps to be followed

The Xactimate training course includes the following steps to be followed.

  • You have to register for the trainer certification program to make a call to the training department.
  • After that, you have to sign and return the Xactware’s training service agreement and certified trainer registration form.
  • You have to complete the three-day training program on the train-the-trainer course and pass the level exam.
  • Similar to this, you have to attend every Xactimate level training program and get certified in the level exams.

Once you are succeeding with this level test, you will become an expert in Xactimate software and become the best adjuster.

Training level

There are 3 different levels of training available to get certified in Xactimate training. They are

  • Xactimate classroom Training
  • Xactimate self-paced training
  • Xactimate virtual classroom training

Xactimate classroom training

In the classroom training, you have to attend a three-day training or two-day mastery training class in the USA. From the classroom training, you will know about the steps for estimating, how to create estimation from the initial stage to the final stage, and how to improve the estimation speed, efficiency, and many more.

Xactimate self-paced training

If you avail of the Xactimate self-paced training, you will get instant and immediate access to all the Xactimate’s self-paced training programs and materials. But you have to put self-effort, in order to know about the estimation. The main advantage of self-paced training is convenience. You can obtain all the materials and training programs from your own computer through the online training center.

Xactimate Virtual classroom Training

As the name indicates, you will experience the benefits of Xactimate training programs and seminars without ever leaving your office with the virtual classroom. You will get in- depth knowledge on Xactimate administration, basic and intermediate sketch, estimate items, summary, and many more.

By now you get information about the Xactimate training. Make use of the training and get the benefits from them.