Flood Changes Lives Video

Flood Changes Lives Video

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This video is only available to the adjuster who attends the

Five Day NFIP Flood Boot Camp.

As a graduate of the Five Day NFIP Flood Boot Camp™ you receive the opportunity to add additional arrows in your quiver. By following the proven Steps To Work An NFIP Flood Loss™, sending this video is the most important thing that will help the policyholder recover from a flood loss.

The video provides detailed information helping the policyholder gather information for the flood adjuster prior to your arrival to complete the initial inspection.

This time proven video will help the adjuster work through the “Steps To Work An NFIP Flood Loss™” and set expectations with the policyholder.

You as an adjuster must know the difference between price and cost. The price will be less than all the cost that you incur by not setting expectations with the policyholder.

This Video is the Most Important Information a Flood Adjuster Can Provide the Policyholder!

The number one complaint to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) about adjusters from the policyholder is the lack of communication. With this video, the adjuster establishes expectations with the policyholder but most importantly helps them know what to do!

While the policyholders lives are turned upside down reading a lot of information is not what they want or need to do. This thirty minute video communicates everything the policyholder needs to do in documenting their flood loss.

The video can be accessed on any device as long as they have internet or cell phone service. By utilizing the “One Minute Text Message” as outlined in the Steps To Work An NFIP Flood Loss™. The policyholder has the video within minutes of the claims adjuster receiving the First Notice of Loss.

Between the first text message and the video, the flood adjuster received a response from the policyholder within 2-hours 92% of the time. And when arriving to complete the initial inspection the majority of needed information is provided to the flood adjuster during the inspection.

Setting Expectations:

This video is packed with all the information required by NFIP to the policyholder plus inform the flood adjuster is requesting to expedite the claim.

The importance of the video will protect you as a flood adjuster.

Setting expectations and expediting the claim allows you to document the file and will help you make money.

The most important thing you as an adjuster want to provide is Excellence in Claims Experience.