First Email to PH

Emails To PH

This email comes with a video providing a description of how important this communication is with the policyholder.

These time proven emails will help the claims adjuster work through the “Steps To Work An NFIP Flood Loss™” and set expectations with the policyholder.

You as an adjuster must know the difference between price and cost. The price will be less than all the cost that you incur by not setting expectations with the policyholder

The Second Most Important form of Communication!

The number one complaint about adjusters from the policyholder is the lack of communication. With this proven email, the adjuster confirms the expectations with the policyholder.

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) has one policy with different forms. Within the forms there are expectations established for both the policyholder and adjuster.

Introduction Email (Setting Expectations):

Most policyholders have an email address today, if they do not then it is important to ask for a relative or close friend who can help.

This email is packed with all the information required by FEMA to the policyholder plus inform the adjuster all the token forms and documents that must be included to expedite the claim.

The importance of this email will protect you as an adjuster. While the “Flood Changes Lives” video informs the policyholder how to work with all the forms, it is this email that delivers the forms.

Send this email to the policyholder will help you set expectations and expedite the claims. Allowing you to document the file providing information to the adjusting firm and carrier that you are staying in contact with the policyholder. This is where adjusters can make or lose time and money.

The most important thing you as an adjuster want to provide is Excellence in Claims Experience.

Weekly Email with Policyholder:

Always keep in contact with the policyholder at all costs. The pre-file email is sent every seven days informing the policyholder the progress of their claim.

It also allows the adjuster to remind the policyholder about the supporting documents they need to send you so the claim can be completed.

Holding the policyholder to the expectations established in the “Flood Changes Lives” and the “introduction email”.

Settlement Email:

The settlement email will contain all the required documents to obtain a signed Proof of Loss (POL). Without the signe POL the carrier will not process the final payment to the policyholder.

Included in the email is your survey to the policyholder, requesting them to evaluate your service.