Five Day NFIP Flood Boot Camp Course FAQ & Overview

Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Does this Boot Camp replace the NFIP Certification Class?

A:  NO! Not at this time.   The founder has applied to NFIP for approval and waiting for a response.

Q:  Where can I take the NFIP Certification Class?

A:  Check the latest NFIP Adjuster Claims Presentation Schedule for Dates, Cities, and Registration information.

Q:  How does the Boot Camp compared to the IA Firm’s flood class.

A:  The founder has attended many of the IA Firm classes (RJMW, Colonial, Pilot-PFM and Allstate, Jackson, All Season Adjusting, Worley) and there was no practical in field training. Most of those classes are attended with large numbers of adjusters.

This Boot Camp is limited to no more than twenty adjusters where personal attention is provided and  the instructor is committed to assist the adjuster with understanding what is required for a Complete Claims Package for as long as the adjuster is committed to attending a schedule Boot Camp.

Q:  Can a prior paid attendee adjuster attend another Boot Camp?

A:  Yes. However, they must pay for the course again. Continuing education credit for the course will be earned each time an adjuster takes the course. 

Q:  Is there locations for RV camp-sites for the Boot Camps?

A:  We try to take that into consideration when scheduling Boot Camps.  Please send an email if you are in need a site.

Q:  Can the class be held in a different city other than on the website?

A:  Yes!  If you send us an email with additional information indicating number of possible attendees.

Q:  Will this Boot Camp guarantee the adjuster deployment?

A:  No.  However, there is a shortage of flood adjusters in the industry.  If you have attended any of the NFIP Certification Classes, the instructors are always reporting there is a shortage of flood adjuster in a catastrophe loss.

Q:  Is there a guarantee of a return on my investment in this Boot Camp? 

A:  Yes!  If there is a catastrophic flood loss event, your investment is guaranteed by the founder of this Boot Camp; detailed terms are provided the last day of the Boot Camp.

Q:  How much money can a flood adjuster make?

A:  That depends upon several things: 1) Knowledge 2) Time of Deployment and 3) Attitude.  Knowledge is the adjuster’s most powerful tool.  Attending the Boot Camp equips you to take on flood losses you are certified to handle.  There are many adjusters who think they are flood adjusters that have left the deployment after a few days or weeks because of all the demands and lack of knowledge.  (That is why this is called a Boot Camp!)

The demands of working flood losses require staying until the work is completed, therefore you must commit the time needed.   When the days become long, your team lead is demanding and the insured is calling, your attitude can become your asset or liability forcing you to realize that “if it is going to be, it is up to me!”

As for the specific question, “How much money can an adjuster make?”  Hurricane Harvey adjusters have made $20K to $500K.  Those adjusters who made the BIG BUCKS were knowledgeable, stayed at least two months and had a very positive ATTITUDE.

Q:  Who sets the fee schedule for pay?

A:  The fee schedule is set by Congress since NFIP Flood Insurance is a law.  The adjuster is generally paid a percentage based upon many factors determined by the IA Firm.

See the fee schedule at

Knowledge, Time of Deployment, Attitude and if you provide your own E & O insurance affects the percentage of the fee schedule.

Q:  Does the flood adjuster get paid as a 1099 or W-2 employee?

A:  Depends on the deploying IA Firm.  Check with the company you are working for to determine if you are a W-2 employee or 1099 subcontractor. Based upon new rules established by the IRS, W-2 employee have restricted deductions that does not allow them to capture all their expenses associated to adjusting claims.


This course is designed to provide three days of class room overview of the NFIP requirements, one day of field study practices, and one day of estimate writing to enhance the adjuster to become proficient at completing a flood claim and submitting Proof of Loss for the insured.

An NFIP flood claim is commonly known as the Complete Claim Package.

Indiana and Texas CE Hours: 24


  • Computer/Tablet/iPad
  • Adjuster Claims Manual
  • FEMA NFIP Flood Policy: Dwelling Form, General Flood Form, RCBAP Form
  • Xactimate Forms with Tokens for Xactimate

Be sure to bring your own printer!

Class schedule is pending catastrophe disasters.

*This is subject to change based upon the location of class.
** The Non-Refundable amount will apply towards a future NFIP Flood Boot Camp if notified by email at

DISCLAIMER: FEMA and NFIP has not endorsed or sponsored this Five Day Flood Boot Camp, however, the resources for the Boot Camp are published by FEMA.

Have Questions or Want to Register? Call 816-93-FLOOD (816-933-5663)