Virtual Adjusting and Flood Claims

Virtual Adjusting and Flood Claims!

An article published today , NFIP enters new millennium with virtual adjusting and Risk Rating 2.0 by Alicja Grzadkowska caused my inbox to light up by flood adjusters.

NFIP Flood Boot Camp™ and Bullseye Training is not the follower related to this issue. After Hurricane Harvey, as the leader of my team and hearing the frustrations of many NFIP policyholders, I asked the question, “what can be done to make them have more confidence in their flood claim experience?” We were on it!

Clearly it is all about training. Experienced flood adjusters realize that attending the 6- hour Annual NFIP Claim Presentation is a check box that must be marked every year. New Adjuster Register Applicants or those interested in the career of flood adjusting attend the presentation.....

Adjuster Certification from Bullseye Training

Adjuster Certification

Adjuster Certification is something that you can purchase or earn! Clearly, with the right contact and money anyone can obtain a certification to any profession, however, it will not make you a successful professional.

Entering the world of insurance adjusting can be a lucrative career for the person who invests into themselves. The questions people have are: “where do I go to obtain the adjuster certification?” Bullseye Training and the NFIP Five-Day Flood Boot Camp™ provides adjusters all the tools to be successful. In the ever changing world...

Xactimate Training

Methods of Xactimate Training

There are three ways to obtain Xactimate training: self-study, online and live.

I remember purchasing version 24 was in 2005. I ventured out on my own to learn the program and then teach the staff in my construction company. The problem with this was the day to day demands of operating the company would not allow me to keep my fingers on the keyboard and reinforcement of memorizing the category and item codes. Everything I learned within two or three days was lost because I was not disciplined in my self-study Xactimate training..........

Xactimate Flood Training

How to Get Xactimate Training in the USA?

Different adjuster schools are offering a three-day Xactimate training course for the people in the USA. The Xactimate training course will help you to prepare and get certified in the Xactimate level certification course. The course mainly focuses on the tools and knowledge that you need to become proficient with Xactimate X1 and more importantly pass the level 1 certification course. The course is usually taught by the professionals who are all experts in the Xactimate software. You can avail of the training course from the online training centers in the USA. Let’s see how to get Xactimate training in the USA.