Xactimate Training

Methods of Xactimate Training

There are three ways to obtain Xactimate training: self-study, online and live.

I remember purchasing version 24 was in 2005. I ventured out on my own to learn the program and then teach the staff in my construction company. The problem with this was the day to day demands of operating the company would not allow me to keep my fingers on the keyboard and reinforcement of memorizing the category and item codes. Everything I learned within two or three days was lost because I was not disciplined in my self-study Xactimate training..........

Xactimate Flood Training

How to get Xactimate training in the USA?

Different adjuster schools are offering a three-day Xactimate training course for the people in the USA. The Xactimate training course will help you to prepare and get certified in the Xactimate level certification course. The course mainly focuses on the tools and knowledge that you need to become proficient with Xactimate X1 and more importantly pass the level 1 certification course. The course is usually taught by the professionals who are all experts in the Xactimate software. You can avail of the training course from the online training centers in the USA. Let’s see how to get Xactimate training in the USA.

NFIP Claims Manual 2020

Types of Insurance Claims Adjusters

There are different types of claims adjusters:

Staff adjuster: The staff adjusters employed by the insurance company and handles claims exclusively for that company. The staff adjuster generally hired to work certain types of claims. Based upon the claim adjuster skill set at the time of.....

Insurance Claims Adjuster Certification

How To Get Insurance Claim Adjuster Certification?

As long as there are insurance claims filed by policyholders there will be a demand for claim adjusters. How to get insurance claim adjuster certification is like choosing what university or trade school you want to.....