Become An Insurance Adjuster


1. Texas All-Lines Adjuster Licenses

We bring this Texas licensing course to you. No need to travel to Texas. Take the course live with an instructor in your area.

The State of Texas issued adjuster license is the industry’s most desired license. The license is granted to both residents of Texas and non-residents as well.  The Texas license is reciprocated in more states than any other state license.

The Texas license is a great license to have and is held by most adjusters.

The Texas license is achieved by taking a Pre-Licensing course and then complete an exam.  These courses and exams are approved by the state, and each provider is granted permission to administer the test.  After passing the test the student is given a certificate of completion.

Our test was written by adjusters and is designed to be student friendly.  We guarantee you’ll pass, if not the 1st time you can take it as many times as necessary until you do.  We will also provide you with a personal tutor to help you along.  All this for no extra charge.

I Do Not Live In Texas!

For residents of a state that does not grant an adjuster license, the Texas license is ideally suited for those individuals.  That’s what makes the Texas license the most sought after license in the adjuster business. If you are a resident of the following states, the Texas license is the best for you!

  • Colorado
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • New Jersey
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • Washington D.C.
  • Wisconsin

IMPORTANT: It is your responsibility to know your “HOME STATE” licenses requirements.  If your state requires an adjuster licenses you must pass their requirements!  THERE IS NO REFUND FOR YOUR FAILURE TO UNDERSTAND THE LAW!The Texas All-Lines license is also valid for Automobile adjusting.

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Xactimate® Training Class

Learn the industries dominate claim estimating program.  Xactimate® proficiency is critical for success. Whether you are an adjuster or contractor acquire the skill that will set you apart from the rest.  Xactimate® will make your job easier with accuracy and professional detail.

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2. XactimateⓇ Fundamental & Proficiency Training

Professional, High Quality and the next step in opening doors to your career and potential greater income.

Our Certified XactimateⓇ Trainer will guide you through live classroom for a better learning experience.

XactimateⓇ is the number one estimating program used by insurance adjusters, roofing companies, water mitigation, restoration, remodeling and re-building contractors.

The most significant step in becoming an efficient user of XactimateⓇ is proper training.

Here are snippets of samples that are covered during a three-day class:

  • $70 Dollar Value XactimateⓇ Training Workbook to take with you
  • Sketching Floor Plans and Roofs
  • Searching For and Adding Line Items to Estimates
  • Downloading Price List and Making Changes
  • Using the Graphical Estimating Method
  • Creating Macros
  • Generate Professional Documents
  • Completing an Estimate From Start to Finish
  • 22-hours of CE Credits for Texas
  • $200 Credit Coupon Towards In-Person Five Day NFIP Flood Boot Camp

The class starts at 8am each day and we usually knock off at 4 or 4:30. On the 3rd day we start at 8am and usually work through lunch and wrap up about 1pm.

Each person will need to have their own laptop, with Xactimate X1 demo version loaded, or the live version if they are actively/currently using Xactimate.  If you need help loading the demo version let us know.  Please note, there will be no time allowed to configure or resolve computer issues you may have with the program.

Click here to obtain XactimateⓇ requirements.

An external hand-held mouse works much better and is recommended.  XactimateⓇ is not compatible with Apple Laptops.  You must have Windows Operating System.  Xactimate and other Xactware products are not supported on Mac Operating Systems.

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3. Adjuster Preparation and Techniques Course

Adjusting career is a very demanding and requires a high level of organizational skills.  The first assigned you receive, Daily Claim or CATdeployment can be a make-it or break-it experience.  Knowing what to do before you receive that claim will instil confidence in yourself and the company you accept the assignment from.

This course helps you be ready to be a Top Performer and potential greater income.

Here are snippets of samples that are covered during a one-day class:

  • What to expect when deployed
  • Equipment list needed for deployment
  • How to organize yourself while working claims
  • Scoping Techniques
  • Open discussion forum on employment opportunities and other topics
  • See fee schedule paid to adjusters
  • See storm notes from actual deployment material
  • Helpful hints to aid in finding employment
  • How to take photographs to include in a claim
  • And much more
  • This is a stand alone course that is squeezed in between the Texas Licensing Course and XactimateⓇ Fundamental & Professional Training.