Adjuster Preparation and Techniques Course

Adjuster Preparation and Techniques Course

Adjusting career is a very demanding and requires a high level of organizational skills.  The first assigned you receive, Daily Claim or CATdeployment can be a make-it or break-it experience.  Knowing what to do before you receive that claim will instil confidence in yourself and the company you accept the assignment from.

This course helps you be ready to be a Top Performer and potential greater income.

Here are snippets of samples that are covered during a one-day class:

  • What to expect when deployed
  • Equipment list needed for deployment
  • How to organize yourself while working claims
  • Scoping Techniques
  • Open discussion forum on employment opportunities and other topics
  • See fee schedule paid to adjusters
  • See storm notes from actual deployment material
  • Helpful hints to aid in finding employment
  • How to take photographs to include in a claim
  • And much more
  • $100 Credit Coupon Towards In-Person Five Day NFIP Flood Boot Camp

This is a stand alone course that is squeezed in between the Texas Licensing Course and XactimateⓇ Fundamental & Professional Training.