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Virtual Adjusting and Flood Claims!
Adjuster Certification from Bullseye Training

Adjuster Certification from Bullseye Training

Adjuster Certification is something that you can purchase or earn! Clearly, with the right contact and money anyone can obtain a certification to any profession, however, it will not make you a successful professional.

Entering the world of insurance adjusting can be a lucrative career for the person who invests into themselves. The questions people have are: “where do I go to obtain the adjuster certification?” Bullseye Training and the NFIP Five-Day Flood Boot Camp™ provides adjusters all the tools to be successful. In the ever changing world of adjusting compounded by pandemic, forcing a change to virtual adjusting will enhance the need for adjuster certification.

Obtaining the adjuster certification through Bullseye Training provides “How To”!

People getting into this business often enter it because someone has told them there is a lot of money to be made. It can be if worked correctly! However, they do not lay a proper foundation for the business and can cause great stress down the road. You need to decide what type of structure to operate the business. During our training we review all of the options that are available: Sole-Properiority, LLC, LLP or INC. Talk about tax advantages and disadvantages. What to do with equipment?

After knowing how you want to structure the business, it all starts with obtaining a state adjuster license. Without an adjuster’s licenses your ability to make a career is very slim to none. This profession starts with the state in which you reside. If you reside within any of these states (Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington D.C. and Wisconsin) it is highly recommended that you apply for adjuster licenses in one of the following “designated home states (DHS)”: Florida, Indiana or Texas.

Having only one state adjuster licenses will not allow you to be successful as an adjuster. Florida, Indiana and Texas licenses have reciprocity with most states and US Territories. It is recommended that Texas be used as a DHS All-Lines Adjuster Licenses. On our website you can sign up for an “in-person” Texas pre-licensing course and set for the exam all in three days.

Today, companies are looking to pass the blame of a “claim gone bad” on down the line. Carriers require independent adjusting firms to provide errors and omissions (E & O) insurance for the claims they process. (New issue coming; How will the E & O carriers deal with “virtual adjusting?” Where is the finger going to point?) Independent adjusting firms' largest concern is litigation, therefore, they are doing one of two things: 1) withholding an administration fee on each claim that includes a percentage for E & O or 2) requiring the independent adjuster to provide E & O insurance. This is covered during our Boot Camp explaining what is the best option for your business.

Bookkeeping is very important. The way you set up your accounting process will help you keep track of getting paid and filing your taxes. I will share with you my secret of keeping a record of billings and payments; how I recovered $20,000 from a company who tried to short me on my commissions. By working with your account, you can take advantage of deductions that are often overlooked resulting in you over paying taxes.

By experiencing “live field training” before you are deployed helps keep you from making mistakes and starts your company being profitable from the moment you are deployed. Our training takes you through every aspect of being an independent adjuster. Do you accept the first wave of adjusters being deployed or be in the second wave. We tell the adjuster the advantages that come with both options. How to inspect and photo the risk correctly the first time so you will not have to return, which cost you money. This live field training allows you to ask questions that helps you close claims faster and make more money.

To receive an “Adjuster Certification” you must be proficient with the Number One estimating software, XactimateⓇ! During the training to obtain the adjuster certification we teach you how to develop token documents and macros that helps you expedite your estimating and report writing skills.

Adjuster Certification from Bullseye Training is an investment into your career! Adjuster license is not a certification or makes you an adjuster. It is a combination of moving parts and if used correctly you have achieved the designation of Adjuster Certification and we guarantee it.