Get Paid to Attend the NFIP Adjuster Claims Presentation

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October 13, 2018
how to become a flood adjuster
How to Become a Flood Adjuster
April 15, 2019


I need your help to distribute the 2nd Annual Flood Adjuster Reunion brochures. I’m not asking you to talk to anybody, I’m not asking you to do any more than just lay these on the table where people can pick them up and look at them.

During this weekend at the Indianapolis 500, we are going to have an exciting group of things going on.

Not only are you going to attend the Indianapolis 500 but we’ve got the golf outing the day after the Indy 500, a couple of concerts going on.

But, Saturday during the day, I am going to give free to any adjuster that attends, a presentation on how to get the information for a prelim. We’ll go to one location and look at three different buildings and show you how to apply my Steps, the Steps to Working an NFIP Flood Loss, how that can be done in real time.

I’m asking you right now to send me an email at robert (at) nfipfloodbootcamp (dot) com in the subject line put “Reunion 2” and give me your name and I will reach out to you.

This needs to take place before April 15th. We need to know who is going to be attending that early.

When I respond to you here’s what will happen, I’ll send you the brochures in the mail prior to you attending the Claims Presentation Workshop, in that you will also receive the $50 gift card from Walmart.

All I’m asking you to do is be honest and ethical with me by distributing the brochures.

When was the last time you got paid to attend an NFIP Claims Presentation?

Email now, get your $50, and consider it a great day because you got paid to sit for 8 hours!